Rolling Stand

An ideal choice for mobile filing of active documents like blueprints, maps, posters, and drawings. The rack is constructed of square tubular steel finished with an electrostatic high-solid polyester paint. The rear caster wheels are the locking type which keep the entire unit from rolling around while you are taking drawing sets on and off. All four of the casters are heavy-duty and are built to last for many years.


Mobile Plan Centre

This Stand is great for hanging blueprints, maps, files, and drawings. The Mobile Plan Center holds up to 1200 sheets (100 sheets per clamp), and has a hanging clamp capacity of 12 or 18. The stand adjusts and accepts clamps of 24″, 30″, or 36″ in length (clamps are sold separately). Please understand that once this stand is adjusted for a particular size of hanging clamp, it will only hold the size of clamps you have it set for. You can later adjust it again to a different size, but once adjusted it will only hold a single size of drawing clamps. This makes for a very sturdy stand that will hold up under heavy loads since the drawing clamps are supported by both ends.