Binding & Laminating




Cerlox Binding –  also known as a “comb bind,” this is a very economical, efficient, and easy way to bind documents, easily allowing for pages to be added or changed after they have been bound.

Coil Binding – a very popular method of book-binding as it is durable, attractive, and allows a book to lie perfectly flat when opened and to be folded in half. Pages can be added or changed later, but not as easily as with Cerlox.

Saddle Stitching – another popular method of binding is the saddle stitch booklet. Saddle Stitching consists of on-line collating, folding and stitching. This method produces booklets that fold in half with the staples on the fold. This binding is practical for documents up to 60 pages.




Laminating is the last step of your project, but it is by no means the least important. When creating and printing a design, you need to preserve it and keep it looking fresh. Without proper lamination your print could become  creased, sun damaged, wrinkled, stained, smudged, and just generally become worn down over time. Our professional lamination services ensure that your print – big or small— will keep its integrity longer.


Other services available


  • hole punching
  • padding
  • numbering
  • folding
  • stapling