Upload a File

At Resolution Reprographics we offer a variety of ways to send your print-ready files. Make sure to always include your instructions on methods of binding and quantities required. All incomplete or incorrect files submitted to us may be subject to additional charges.


Should certain features not work it may be due to internal permissions.  IT Dept sometimes set rules pertaining to the security configuration of the PC which prevent programs from being installed.


Web Form

For your convenience you can now Upload your files directly through our website.
– Vancouver Location Upload here.
– Burnaby Location Upload here.


 Upload files to our FTP  Server

In order to use one of our FTP servers you will require a username and password from us which will give you access to your dedicated folder on the server. To get your username and password please either send an e-mail or contact our team, who will be happy to supply you with the details.



If you would like to send your files as an email attachment, please limit the size of each email to 6 MB.

Burnaby: burnaby@resrep.iias.host

Vancouver: print@resrep.iias.host

Fraser Valley: print@fvrepro.com